Story Studio Podcast Will Be Back with a New Season in 2022

After many years of consistently putting out a podcast every week, we’re taking a hiatus from The Story Studio Podcast (previously known as The Self-Publishing Podcast). We recently shifted from an ongoing format to a “seasons” format in order to deliver a tighter, more consistent experience and a deeper dive into the topics you care about.

In Season 1, The State of the Industry, we interviewed some of the biggest names in indie publishing asking them to share what they are seeing and experiencing in the industry today. We saw a few trends popping up as well as many surprises. You can check out the full season here.

Our next Season will coincide with the launch of Sean Platt and Bonnie Johnston’s Core Curriculum line, with one episode per book diving into each of the topics as we interview Bonnie about her processes and methods.

As such, this season will have to wait until all the books are ready for launch. We know many of you have been eagerly anticipating this (if the daily emails asking us where it is are anything to go by), and we can promise you that it will be worth the wait.

To make the wait a little less painful, we’ll soon be dropping a few bumper episodes about what we’ve been up to and some of the exciting things happening here at Sterling & Stone as we enter new arenas and see momentum picking up in our adaptations to other media.

If you can’t even wait for that, we recommend you spend your time watching Screen Rant’s Pitch Meetings. You’ll laugh until you cry and integrate some good story lessons while you do. Start with Tenet. You can thank us later.