Sterling & Stone Announces: New “Core Curriculum” Series with Story Guru Bonnie Johnston

While we mostly keep Bonnie locked away in our story vaults, buried in outlines and drafts, Sterling & Stone is thrilled to announce that we’re sharing her story wisdom with the world in the upcoming Core Curriculum series, expected to launch in Q4 2021.

These books are a collection of everything Bonnie has learned in her 30+ years studying story and working as a mentor. They will cover everything from crafting your premise (and making sure it works before you move to outlining), all the way to self-editing your work and everything in between.

Bonnie is obsessed with story systems and has tools and methods for all aspects of storytelling, designed to help an author ensure the emotional impact of their story. In this book series you will learn her methods for plotting organically, creating archetypal characters, planning a series, making setting a character in your story, and much more.

Despite the fact that we’ve moved out of education, we are excited to help Bonnie create this series as a resource for our studio. Having her methods laid out in a clean and clear-cut process helps us all grow as storytellers, and it didn’t make a bit of sense for us to keep this valuable asset to ourselves. While we no longer want to teach marketing, craft matters. Because the study of craft helps us all to tell better stories, and better stories will change the world.

Core Curriculum will launch in conjunction with a new season of our Story Studio Podcast. Watch this space or sign up at for details and reminders.