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Story Studio Podcast Will Be Back with a New Season in Q4 2021

After many years of consistently putting out a podcast every week, we’re taking a short hiatus from The Story Studio Podcast (previously known as The Self-Publishing Podcast). We recently shifted from an ongoing format to a “seasons” format in order to deliver a tighter, more consistent experience and a deeper dive into the topics you…

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Sterling & Stone Announces: New “Nolon King” Thriller Line

Sterling & Stone has a new thriller line coming to our bookshelves soon. Genre fiction has long been our trade. Most of our stories so far had some kind of sci-fi, fantasy, or horror elements. And while a large number of our books and series could be considered thrillers (and several of our stand-alone novels,…

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Sterling & Stone Names Niamh Arthur as New COO

Sterling & Stone is thrilled to announce our new COO: Niamh Arthur. Niamh (pronounced Neeve) is from California, but moved to Ireland at 18 to get a BA in Drama & Theatre studies, after which she went on to study marketing with a focus on audience response, psychology, and brand bonding. Niamh used her performance…

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