What is Sterling & Stone?

The short answer? We are a multi-media story studio.

Much like Pixar, Bad Robot, or Lucasfilm, we are an incubator for unforgettable stories. We aren’t bound by genre or rules, other than the ones that make a story magical.

We tell stories in every medium: Books, audio, and film/television.

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Our Story

2011 – First there was “The Guys”

The OG Sterling & Stone: Johnny, Dave, and Sean

Write. Publish. Repeat.

In the beginning … two copywriters and a journalist decided it was finally time to do what we were always meant to do: Tell stories.

We wrote hard and fast, blending our storyteller instincts with the innately engaging writing styles we’d learned in our previous writing lives. We told quality stories that stood out.

In just a few years we had written hundreds of books together, and created thousands of raving fans.

2015 – We became “The Studio”

Tens of thousands of creators and storytellers from around the world clamored to learn from us. We hosted packed events, sold out webinars, and mentored in high-end masterminds. Our first in-person event had attendees from seven different countries.

We empowered our audience with training not just on story, but on the basic marketing principles that went on to create hundreds of best-selling authors in the indie publishing industry.

We invited the cream of the crop to join our studio. With a focus on innovation and impact, our collective began to produce a greater number of higher quality stories in rapidly expanding universes. We closed our education arm to focus on filling our vault with valuable IP.

2019 and Beyond – Now We’re An IP and Story Incubator

Niamh & Bonnie, Newest Members of our Brain Trust

Sterling & Stone has produced hundreds of books and have now started expanding our stories well beyond novels. We began to take each of our story worlds and develop them into scripts for screen adaptation and audio-dramas to deliver rich, multi-media experiences. Our first script was optioned within months, many of our stories have sold options, our breakout hit novel Fat Vampire by Johnny B Truant has sold to NBC/Universal for production in fall 2021 as a SYFY original, and we have only continued to build momentum from there.

With our screen adaptations firmly in hand and starting to take off, we’ve now expanded our audio-arm. We’ve been doing podcasts since Day 1 at Sterling & Stone, and many of our books have been optioned and turned into audiobooks with high-end narrators. We are currently building our podcast network, launching in January 2022. The focus will be audio fiction: dramas, audiobooks, and unscripted shows about story.

We change the world with story.

More than a motto, this is a promise. We tell stories that our audience loves, that mean something, that have a lasting impact on those that encounter them. As we continue to grow and expand to different story arenas, we will always ensure that we are telling stories that matter.

Additional Story Services

Beyond working on our own stories we also support other storytellers, artists, and companies that want to tap into the value of storytelling.


Bespoke story services for CEOs, brands and companies.
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Smarter Artist

Our non-fiction books, articles, courses, and resources for storytellers.


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