Sterling & Stone Announces: New “Nolon King” Thriller Line

Sterling & Stone has a new thriller line coming to our bookshelves soon. Genre fiction has long been our trade. Most of our stories so far had some kind of sci-fi, fantasy, or horror elements. And while a large number of our books and series could be considered thrillers (and several of our stand-alone novels, like 12, are straight thrillers) we are excited to move more formally into this space.

We first introduced Nolon King, a new pen name for our prolific CEO and leader, Sean Platt, with the release of Pretty Killer, co-written by Johnny B Truant. We knew this was a special book, with a tightly plotted mystery strung across three separate time-lines, taking place during an unsettling dinner party, we were still surprised and delighted by the title’s reception.

We had been incubating Nolon King stories for some time, and the success of Pretty Killer made it clear that we’d reached the perfect moment to launch our thriller line.

Nolon King writes thrillers of every variety: psychological, action, procedurals, mystery, and even some noir — whatever will thrill his readers most. We’re kicking off the line with a collection of novels that can be read as stand-alones, or as part of a series, with several characters reoccurring and storylines coming to a head in the final novel Fade to Black. This series, The Bright Lights, Dark Secrets Collection is primarily set in Southern California with the entertainment industry and all its temptations as a backdrop.

Nolon will follow this series by co-authoring several new series with our stable of writers. Expect several collaborative projects, starting with Johnny B Truant and David W Wright.

If you like thrillers, you’re going to love what we’re doing with Nolon King line. We can’t wait to share it with you.