Beloved Author and Screenwriter Ninie Hammon Joins Sterling & Stone

Sterling & Stone is delighted to announce that Ninie Hammon has joined our stable of full-time storytellers.

Ninie has been writing her entire life, starting her career as a journalist in Kentucky, where her stories ranged from nudists in the woods getting chased out by chiggers (bloodsucking mites), to prize winning pigs, or the alarming impact of the Cornbread Mafia.

Following her career as a journalist, Ninie began to tell stories. Full of suspense, down-home lovable characters, terrifying creatures, and a dusting of the unexplainable.

She has generated an audience of rabid fans who eat up every Ninie Hammon and eagerly await each new story to drop. She has also written for several feature films and television series.

We are delighted to have Ninie join us. Not just because she is a talented storyteller, but she’s also an incredible human with a bottomless well of remarkable real-life stories to share (including the unbelievable spider story that put Ninie in the hospital for a month as a child and has led to a crippling arachnophobia as an adult). A meeting is never dull if Ninie’s on. If she’s not battling with demons in her books then she’s battling with technology. She’s convinced the machines are out to get her. Zoom is one of the worst offenders.

Ninie is a born storyteller who doesn’t always see the mechanics that lie beneath her craft. We have big plans for Ninie, including several commercial ideas that are perfectly paired to her audience and aesthetic.

We can’t wait to see what comes from this partnership!