Author: Ninie Hammon

Ninie Hammon

★★★★★ Psychological Suspense

Unforgettable Stories with characters you can’t stop caring about

Ninie Hammon (rhymes with shiny, not skinny) grew up in Muleshoe, Texas. After a 25-year career as a journalist she figured out that making up facts was a whole lot more fun than reporting them, she turned to fiction and never looked back.

Ninie now writes suspense–every flavor except pistachio: psychological suspense, inspirational suspense, suspense thrillers, paranormal suspense, suspense mysteries.

In every book she keeps this promise to her Loyal Reader: “I will tell you a story in a distinctive voice you’ll always recognize, about people as ordinary as you are–people who have been slammed by something they didn’t sign on for, and now they must fight for their lives. Then smack in the middle of their everyday worlds, those people encounter the unexplainable–and it’s always the game-changer.”

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