Atlanta Fish Fry by Anthony Joiner Explores the Power of Community and the Fight Against Gentrification

Atlanta Fish Fry is the debut novel by AJ Joiner that tells the story of a community threatened by gentrification and the power of coming together to fight back. Joiner, who grew up in Louisiana, draws on his experiences to create a vivid portrayal of a tight-knit community in Atlanta.

The novel follows AJ, who is struggling with a job he doesn’t enjoy and living in a neighborhood he doesn’t love. When gentrification threatens to strip the community of its authentic charm, AJ hosts a Fish Fry to get to know his neighbors, and he begins to fall in love with each one, despite their eccentricities.

As the community faces increasing pressure from city planners and developers, one of their own, Eddison Fisher, joins forces with the outsiders. AJ and his new friends must throw a second Fish Fry to raise money to save their neighborhood.

Despite increasingly-serious issues with his health and marriage, AJ’s determination to help his community never wavers. The second Fish Fry is a huge success, but it’s still not enough. The community must come together for one last massive event to save their neighborhood from destruction.

Atlanta Fish Fry is a heartwarming story of the power of community and the fight against gentrification. It’s a must-read for anyone who believes in the importance of preserving the unique character of our communities.

About The Author

Anthony ‘AJ’ Joiner is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, radio personality, and founder of BLOOKSY.COM — the software platform that uses artificial intelligence to make writing simple. AJ built software for companies such as CDC, Delta Airlines, and Georgia Department of Transportation. Since leaving corporate America, he has published over 250 authors and helped thousands more start writing their books over the last five years.

His software Blooksy is being piloted in several universities, and hundreds of writers are now using it to write books.

He’s been on the #1 drive-time radio show, The Willie Moore Jr. Show, is a passionate New Orleans Saints fan, and proudly represents the #1 HBCU in America – Southern University.

A native of Leesville, Louisiana, AJ loves nothing more than eating authentic Louisiana food and yelling WHODAT during football season. You can find out more about AJ by visiting: or @ajjoiner on Instagram (and if you’re interested in writing a book, academic article, or white paper, visit:

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On sale: April 21, 2023
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ISBN: 9798215729106

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