Why We Don’t Censor Ourselves

By Sean Platt

Every now and then, we receive an email (or an unsubscribe notice) complaining about the language we sometimes use. It usually goes something like this: “I really appreciate all the writing advice and indie publishing information you give away for free, but I can’t tell my writers’ group from church about it because you sometimes […]

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What Defines You?

By Johnny B. Truant

Readers crave meaning. And as it turns out, the most important things in stories aren’t made up at all. Fiction is truly people facing situations. Situations that, absent bells and whistles, any of us might face ourselves.

When disaster threatens, people do whatever they must to survive. There are always people who have less and wish for more … and might be willing to fight to get it.

People are people, who want the same things we want today: to be fed and sheltered, to be loved, to feel comfortable, to have security and power, and to have the freedom (and the wealth) to do as they wish. And stories let us explore every option and let us define who we truly are.

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