Sterling & Stone Now Accepting Applications for Our Advance Reader Crews

Reviews are everything for storytellers. Good stories do well in the marketplace because of the readers who love, review, and share them. Sterling & Stone is inviting YOU to join our Advance Reader Crew, to get advanced copies of new novels from your favorite author in exchange for an honest review when the title launches.

Being an advance reader means getting a new book roughly two weeks before it is available to the public. We ask that you read the book before launch, let us know if you spot any typos that slipped past our editors, then review the book on launch day (indicating that you got an ARC in exchange for your honest review).

You don’t have to love every book or leave disingenuous reviews.

We are a prolific studio, with three to five new books launching every single week — we could never expect anyone to read them all. When applying to join our advance reader crew you can indicate preferred genres and authors so you are reading and reviewing a book every month.

If you love reading, love our authors, and love free stuff, this is a great opportunity.

You can apply to join our ARC team here. Have any questions about how it all works? Fill out the contact form here and our Review Team Organizer, Jen, will be happy to help.