Sterling & Stone Names Niamh Arthur as New COO

Sterling & Stone is thrilled to announce our new COO: Niamh Arthur.

Niamh (pronounced Neeve) is from California, but moved to Ireland at 18 to get a BA in Drama & Theatre studies, after which she went on to study marketing with a focus on audience response, psychology, and brand bonding. Niamh used her performance background and marketing knowledge to start and grow a thriving online business, teaching CEOs and entrepreneurs how to relax on camera and use online video to share their stories and connect with their audiences.

After 15 years of business she realized that she was missing her favorite part of entertainment: storytelling. She leapt at the chance to join our studio as a business consultant and quickly identified areas of opportunity to move The Stone into new story arenas, helped to create production systems, and generally made herself indispensable.

When the COO position opened up and Niamh jumped in with both feet to fill the role, Sean bought a trampoline because he couldn’t stop bouncing from excitement and needed a place to contain it. Niamh could never try to fill Johnny’s shoes as the articulator or compete with his abs, so she is carving out her own space as the company’s integrator, taking Sean’s ideas, alongside the studio at large, and building production systems to make them happen.

Of course S&S would need a COO that’s more than a hero to operations. Niamh also brings her deep understanding of emotional triggers, audience response, and commercial trends to ensure that the stories generated by our studio always hit the mark and are crafted with long lasting impact on the audience. One of Niamh’s favorite things to do at the studio is a “cool pass,” where she’s reading an outline and dropping comments like, “Wouldn’t it be cool if …”

Niamh’s great at saying “No,” which is essential since Sean is GREAT at saying, “I have an idea.”