Sterling & Stone Announces New Fiction-Focused Podcast Network to Launch April 2022

Sterling & Stone has long been known for our fun, funny, and lovable unscripted podcasts, and following our move out of education and into full-time storytelling two years ago we are now delighted to announce a brand new fiction-focused podcast network launching in April 2022.

We love audio-fiction and know how much audiences do as well. Audio continues to be the fastest growing sector in entertainment, and we love telling stories that have the potential for expansion into multimedia worlds. Our new network will allow us to stretch our universes in new and exciting ways.

Our podcast network will launch in April with a lineup of audience delighting shows, including scripted audio dramas, unscripted content, and narrated stories designed to make listeners feel like they are being read to by a friend. This network has been years in the making and will be the missing link between our ever growing library of books, and our work in film and television. We already have partnerships lined up for audio-dramas to expand existing story worlds.

We won’t leave non-fiction behind. While fiction will be our first focus, and shows will launch one at a time, we will have several unscripted shows where we discuss story and storytelling. This means, of course, that “the guys” (Johnny, Sean and Dave) will reprise their roles as the story buddies our audience got to know and love in our initial podcasts.

Details including our partners on this project as well as a new name for our network will follow.

Stay tuned, this one is extra exciting …