Sean Platt and Nolon King Team Up for A Dive Into the Grime Beneath Hollywood’s Glitter

Last Night Never Happened by Nolon King and Sean Platt

What happens in Hollywood rarely stays in Hollywood. It usually gets splashed across every tabloid, gossip column, and celebrity-tracking social media account. When celebrity life gets messy, the stars need their fixers.

Nora Bauer, once Hollywood’s elite fixer, now finds her reputation shattered. Exposing a crime rather than concealing it has rendered her a pariah in an industry where secrets are currency. 

When Daphne Belle, a faded actress desperate for a comeback, enlists Nora’s help to avoid tabloid scandals, it seems like a straightforward gig.

But after a night they can’t remember, filled with drinks, drugs, and decisions they wish to forget, Nora and Daphne awaken to a scene straight from a horror film: they’re drenched in blood with zero memory of how it happened.

The duo’s frantic quest to piece together the night leads them into the darkest corners of Hollywood, a place far removed from its shimmering veneer. As they delve deeper, whispered secrets in dive bars and encounters with shadowy criminals reveal a chilling conspiracy.

Nora and Daphne face a critical choice: uncover the truth and risk everything, or become the next victims of Hollywood’s sinister underbelly.

Last Night Never Happened is a riveting thriller by best-selling authors Sean Platt and Nolon King, where every page tightens the noose of suspense around the throat of Hollywood.

About The Authors

Nolon King writes smart psychological thrillers designed to leave you on the edge of your seat. His stories are dark, twisty, and often decidedly close to home.

He’s not afraid to explore the darker side of human nature through stories featuring families torn apart by secrets and lies. If you enjoy reading authors like Darcey Bell and Harlan Coban, movies like A Simple Favor and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, or shows like Ozark and Dead to Me, you’ll love Nolon King.

When not writing, you will find Nolon drinking black coffee and observing humans in their natural habitats.

Sean Platt has always been an entrepreneur but knew he’d rather tell stories. When his wife bought him a laptop for his birthday in 2007, he dropped everything to start writing fiction.

Since making the leap, Sean has written hundreds of novels (including the international best-sellers Yesterday’s Gone and Invasion), penned dozens of scripts, and founded the IP Incubator Sterling & Stone, where more than thirty storytellers work together to create world-changing IP. Sterling & Stone’s stable of writers come to Sean for ideas, mentorship, and “better words.”

Originally from Long Beach, California, Sean now lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and dog, Fisher.

Imprint: Sterling & Stone
On sale: April 30, 2024
eBook Price: $4.99
Pages: 228
ISBN: 978-1-62955-371-9

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