New Literary Novel from Harmony Reed

Spitting Image by Harmony Reed

Ever wonder if someone else could have done better with the exact same DNA as you? After the death of his adoptive mother, Evertt Reyes deeply longs for familial connection. He hires a private investigator to help him track down his biological family and discovers that he has one living relative: a twin brother.

As Everett cyberstalks Evan he is stunned by the similarities between their lives. They’re both chefs, they both married aspiring musicians, and they’re both fathers. But the more Everett learns more about his brother, the more he feels like he’s looking at the life he should have had – would have had if they hadn’t been separated. It’s embarrassing how Evan seems to be more successful than Everett in every possible way.

His friends tell him to start with a phone call, but Everett decides to drive to Austin and surprise Evan on their shared birthday. After all, what better gift could a man receive than to be reunited with his long-lost twin brother?

About The Author

Harmony Reed writes revelatory stories about what it means to live, how we can become more fully human, and how we can shed the lies we’ve been living by and embrace our truth. Her fiction melds the large scale with the deeply-personal, yielding insight into the human psyche and the world we all must move through. If you enjoy authors like Michael Chabon and Jodi Picoult, movies like Big Fish and Little Miss Sunshine, or shows like Orange is the New Black and This is Us, you’ll love Harmony Reed.

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Imprint: Sterling & Stone
On sale: June 2, 2022
eBook Price: $0.99
Print Price: $10.99
Pages: 235
ASIN: B09X696T18
ISBN: 9798201801984

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