Lauren Street’s Debut Thriller Novel

Hide Me Away by Lauren Street

Hide Me Away is Lauren Street’s riveting debut female sleuth thriller novel and the first book in her series, The Bishop Smoky Mountain Thrillers.

Ex-police officer Rileigh Bishop never wanted to come back to her hometown. But when a dead teenage girl is found with her tongue cut out, she must return. After all, that’s the same way Rileigh’s sister died.

Reluctantly, she joins forces with the county sheriff to solve the brutal murder. The locals maintain a strict code of silence. The narrow mountain roads winding through Appalachia are fraught with peril. As Rileigh dives deeper into the case, she not only unearths connections between this murder and her sister’s death but dark family secrets that should’ve remained buried.

When the investigation nearly ends her life, she must find her resolve to solve the crime — fast.

Because she’s the killer’s next target.

About The Author

Lauren Street has always loved a mystery. As a kid growing up in bible belt country she devoured every whodunit book she could get her sticky little hands on and secretly investigated all of her (seemingly) normal, boring neighbors. Sometimes, their pets and farm animals, too. All grown up now and living in the UK with her thoroughly unsuspicious (and often unsuspecting) husband, she writes domestic psychological thrillers about families torn apart by secrets and lies. And she still sometimes peers over garden walls to check up on the neighbors.

Imprint: Sterling & Stone
On sale: October 10, 2023
eBook Price: $4.99
Pages: 309
ISBN: 978-1629553498

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