Haunting New Slasher-Horror Novel from Sawyer Black

Zoomers vs Boomers by Sawyer Black

They’re live-streaming for their lives.

When the teen-aged live-streamers and influencers of Jackson High are selected for the Operation Gen Z contest, they think it’s the opportunity of their dreams. But once on-site it quickly turns into a nightmare. That’s because the site is the Oakridge Academy, an infamous school shut down after rumors of torture and brainwashing, and the contest casts them as pawns in a brutal game of survival.

As they search for a way out of the booby-trapped campus, Craig Boucher and his friends are hunted by three fanatical Boomers determined to prove that Generation Z embodies everything that’s wrong with the modern world.  

Millions tune in as the live stream goes viral, and the cameras transmit every move to the enemy. As the streamers begin to turn on each other in their attempts to survive, Craig doesn’t know who to trust or how to keep his friends alive.

Can these Zoomers come together to defeat the worst of the Greatest Generation? Or will they die before uncovering the truth behind this vicious contest?

About The Author

Sawyer Black writes dark and violent fiction for people who secretly love puppies and rainbows. In addition to being a U.S. Army veteran, he’s also a beardsman. In fact, that’s where all his ideas come from. The beard. Speculative stories about struggle and triumph and brutal emotion, written mostly for his ideal reader, his wife of nearly twenty-five years. He’s an independent woman who likes cigars and margaritas, and he holds the deep belief that the earth is round.

Imprint: Sterling & Stone
On sale: May 5, 2022
eBook Price: $4.99
Pages: 202
ISBN: 9798201108960

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