Entrepreneur and Founder of TruDog® Lori Taylor Creates New Series with Sterling & Stone

Lori Taylor, Founder of TruDog®, has been a long time friend of the studio. Back in the day, she and Sean worked together to create some incredible direct response campaigns. Until they went their separate ways about a decade ago: Lori to found TruDog® and Sean to found Sterling & Stone, but they’ve never stopped being friends.

So when Lori came to us saying it was finally time for her to create the “dog series” she’d always wanted to write we jumped at the chance to work with her.

Lori is a lover of animals and has long been bothered by the way pets, and dogs in particular, are handled in mainstream narratives. Most dog stories have sad endings, as the dog passes away. Lori wanted to create a series where the audience “only cried happy tears.” So we developed Soul Mutts together, a series about unwanted dogs finding their forever family and the humans that they help to heal.

These stories have struck an instant chord with dog-loving audiences and were picked up for audio-adaption by Podium, the audio-first company that found The Martian when it just was a series of blogs.

Within a week of launch, the first book in this new series, Baker’s Dozen, hit the top of Amazon charts and attracted dozens of five-star reviews.

Another five books will be released in the next five months, with another six books planned as a “second season” for these already-adored dog stories.