Dr. Micheal Breus and Sean Platt Collaborate on a new Technothriller

When you’re reading or watching a technothriller, do you ever get tempted to whip out your phone and google whether or not the science that the plot twist is based on is real? So often in fiction, authors use the phrase science fiction to allow no-holds-barred imagination to run wild into far-fetched fantasy.

But The Sleeper is different. That’s because Sterling & Stone’s own Sean Platt collaborated with Dr. Michael Breus, aka The Sleep Doctor, to write this technothriller that is very much based on real sleep science.

Former soldier Ash Sanders is plagued by violent nightmares. Gunfire. Explosions. Blood. A nameless attacker. In his nightmare, Ash fights off his attacker, killing him.

In the morning, he wakes to find his wife lying in bed beside him. Murdered.

Ash is about to take the fall for his wife’s death until he’s exonerated by sleep psychologist Mina Irving. She discovers that Ash has a variation of REM Behavior Disorder called sleep violence and that he had no control over what he was doing. But, while the disorder is real, Ash’s symptoms don’t quite match up with any of Mina’s other patients.

Something else is going on.

Ash has memories of a life he doesn’t understand. And dreams that don’t make sense.

People are following him.

They want what’s in his mind.

And will kill him to get it.

The Sleeper is the first technothriller novel by the acclaimed Sleep Doctor, Dr. Michael Breus.

Imprint: Sterling & Stone
On sale: March 12, 2024
eBook Price: $9.99
Pages: 418
ISBN: 978-1-62955-364-1

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