Darkness Itself by Sean Platt & David W. Wright Launched Exclusively on YONDER

Darkness Itself is a brand new stand-alone novel written in the world of Available Darkness, but you can enjoy this book whether or not you’ve read any of the books in the original Available Darkness series.

Sean Platt and David W. Wright started writing the original Available Darkness series almost a dozen years ago, and now they are back to tell a new story with new characters in the same world.

The best thing about this story is that they were able to write it in the format that it was born to be told in. It is the same format that Sean and Dave cut their teeth on when they first started writing together, but that Amazon never took seriously enough to build out in a way that readers wanted.

Sean and Dave LOVE writing serials, and Darkness Itself is the first true serial they have been able to write in nearly a decade.

Right now, the only place you can get Darkness Itself is on YONDER. 

YONDER is a brand new serialized fiction app from the WEBTOON and Wattpad teams, combining mobile reading, an engaging serialized experience, and thousands of curated stories in every genre. What we love about YONDER is how they are taking serial fiction as seriously as we do.

This is Sean and Dave’s favorite format to write in, but great serial fiction is relying on quality curation and delivery for the best reading experience, and we’ve never had the right partners before now.

If you loved Sean & Dave’s original serial experience, you’ll want to give Darkness Itself a try.

Here’s a special link and code for a free pass into the Darkness on us. 



From the bestselling authors of Yesterday’s GoneNo Justice, and The Karma Police series comes Darkness Itself, a new stand-alone novel written in the world of Available Darkness, a character-driven reinvention of the vampire story.

Within the covert division of the FBI that deals with the extraordinary, a secret battle rages to find and capture a girl. A girl with a dark and horrible gift and an even bigger battle raging within her own mind.

Because the person the FBI seeks isn’t the girl herself but the man she murdered. The one who is now living in her head.

As the internal and external battle rages, Jess fights for her sanity and her right to life. Even if she cannot live without killing others.

Darkness Itself was written to be read serially as the first of several planned exclusives for the Sterling & Stone partnership with the new YONDER app. YONDER is the brainchild of the teams at Webtoon and Wattpad, designed to bring premium curation to the serialized reading experience. 

Download the YONDER app and use the code STRLING to get a free pass and start reading Darkness Itself today!