New Sci-Fi Action Adventure Thriller from Avery Blake

Ruthless Positivity by Avery Blake

Toxic positivity. Social media manipulation. Disinformation. Misrepresentation. Doxxing. Deception. Big Online Lies. All of these things could apply to the morning headlines on any given morning these days, but also apply to Sterling & Stone’s new Sci-Fi Thriller by Avery Blake, Ruthless Positivity.

In eScape, Kam has it all — a body that works, beautiful friends, her own space, and a wealth of stolen credits. In the real world, she’s terminally ill and living in the rundowns, a place where hope goes to die.

In the real world, Lyle seems to have it all. As the son of a famous self-help guru, Julia Grace, strangers envy his perfect life and perfect relationship with his mother. Nobody knows the torture she’s put him through. All Lyle wants is the escape of anonymity in eScape — where he can be himself by hiding behind an avatar.

When Kam and Lyle meet, they each might be the escape the other is looking for.

But Kam can never let Lyle see the REAL her or the hovel she lives in. If he realizes she’s a criminal who’s stolen everything she has, he’ll leave her.

She has no idea Lyle is lying, too – caught in a web of his mother’s manipulations. Each of them loses everything if they tell the truth – but admitting their lies could get them killed.

And not even eScape can protect them from what’s coming.

Ruthless Positivity is a new stand-alone SciFi Thriller from Avery Blake, author of Vicarious JoeFamily Royale, and Analog Heart.

About The Authors

Avery Blake is obsessed with all things sci-fi. She writes stories about the things that fascinate and occasionally terrify her and the potential futures humanity might have.

She expresses her hopes and fears through gripping tales where everyday people face extraordinary enemies, opportunities, and decisions. Her stories suck the reader into worlds where strange alien races have taken over, tech designed to make our world better gets out of hand, and robots make us question what it means to be human. 

You’ll be hard pressed to find Avery, as she’s always on the move, staying one step ahead of the tracking bots (that are coming soon, if not already here).

Imprint: Sterling & Stone
On sale: August 22, 2022
eBook Price: $4.99
Pages: 233
ISBN: 9798201746759

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