A New Near-Future Sci-Fi Action Adventure Story from Avery Blake

Family Royale by Avery Blake

After losing his wife and son, Orin, due to his alcoholism, Dennis Hoke feels like he really needs a lucky break. He sees the Family Royale online gaming competition as his chance at redemption. This is the moment when he can rise to the challenge and finally become the father Orin needs. 

They enter the contest together, competing to see which family can come out on top. What starts out as a great bonding experience for father and son soon derails as Dennis becomes addicted to success and his newfound stardom. 

Orin begins to question just how far his father will go to win? And what’s the point in winning the game if you lose your soul? 

Family Royale is a new stand-alone near-future SciFi novel by Avery Blake, author of Analog Heart, Vicarious Joe, and The Taken Saga.

About The Authors

Avery Blake is obsessed with all things sci-fi. She writes stories about the things that fascinate and occasionally terrify her and the potential futures humanity might have.

She expresses her hopes and fears through gripping tales where everyday people face extraordinary enemies, opportunities, and decisions. Her stories suck the reader into worlds where strange alien races have taken over, tech designed to make our world better gets out of hand, and robots make us question what it means to be human. 

You’ll be hard pressed to find Avery, as she’s always on the move, staying one step ahead of the tracking bots (that are coming soon, if not already here).

Imprint: Sterling & Stone
On sale: July 24, 2022
eBook Price: $4.99
Pages: 188
ISBN: 9798201666545

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