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Imagine waking up in a private, luxurious hotel room …

… chatting about your book business over breakfast with other authorpreneurs …

… and then spending two entire days in a small, intimate group learning from one of the leading experts in the indie publishing community.

Spending focused, in-person time with like-minded authors, making connections and big plans all while someone else takes care of the pesky little logistical details of your trip.

Imagine investing in yourself and your business while attending a Smarter Artist Work Retreat.

Over the next year, we will be hosting a series of premium retreats, offering intimate access to our team and expert friends of Sterling & Stone. We'll be covering everything from story planning to email autoresponders. From podcasts to long-term business training.

The Smarter Artist Work Retreats are all-inclusive, live in-person, multi-day events meant to give you the space and time to focus on you.

You’ll get the tools you need to grow your business, all while getting the distance from your everyday life to leverage them.

We have so much we want to share and help you with.

Want to know as soon as the schedule is ready and seats open up?