Sterling & Stone Announces: New ‘Sterling Reed’ Literary Fiction Line

While many of our readers know and love us for our wild and inventive genre fiction (Unicorn Western, anyone?) over the last few years as Sterling & Stone has stepped further into new storytelling arenas, we’ve also been exploring new genres and story types.

Sean and Bonnie have been writing literary dramas for more than two years, fitting them in between our more commercial genre-fare, and finding themselves increasingly passion to write stories that matter. They have explored life, death, addiction, family, and the challenges of finding meaning in the modern world. These stories have been filling our vaults, waiting for the perfect time to be released upon the world.

We are thrilled to say, the time is now. We’re launching a new pen name for Sean Platt and Bonnie Johnston as a writing team: Sterling Reed.

Sterling’s books will make you think, laugh, cry, and ponder the meaning of life, and how it can be applied to the way you’re living right now.

These are the books you can bring to your book club, and that you’ll someday see gracing your screens as feature films and limited series. These are the stories that matter.

At Sterling & Stone we’ve always worked to meet the aims of our motto, “We change the world with story” by creating deeper and more meaningful story experiences in the fun and thrilling genres our audiences love. With our new drama line, we’ll be able to fulfill that mission more directly, by telling stories with deeper meanings, richer characters, and more complicated narratives.

If you want to stay ahead of the book clubs, check out the Sterling Reed line here. We’ll be dropping a new book every month starting in July 2021.