Do I Need Separate ISBN Numbers for Different Edition?

By David W. Wright

Today’s question is from Pete: I know you should have a separate ISBN for hardcover, paperback and ebook, but do you guys assign a different ISBN for each ebook file type, EPUB and Mobi? I’m assuming you don’t need separate ones for each vendor, Apple, Kobo, Amazon. Correct?

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In short, you do not need separate ISBN numbers for the different ebook types. You would use the same ISBN number for EPUB and Mobi.

If you change editions and you have a drastically different edition come out, then you might need a new ISBN number for that.

Man with multimedia magically between his hands.Usually you’d have a separate one for all your ebooks, one for your hardcover and one for your paperback.

As far as the different vendors, you don’t need separate ones, you actually want to use the same one with each vendor.

Each of the vendors offer a space when you’re publishing a book to put the ISBN number that you have.

Whatever ISBN number you bought, make sure you put that in. Keep a chart of some sort so you keep them everything where you can get to it and you’re not messing up and accidentally using the same ISBN number twice. That can create a problem if you do that.

Keep everything documented and hope I helped.

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