WSE12 Ray Chase Doesn't Need This Shit

Released On: January 8, 2016

Today’s guest is Ray Chase, the new Justin Timberlake of WSE, and frequent voice of Sterling and Stone’s various audiobooks, including the character Boricio.

NOTE: If you have a weak stomach, you might not want to skip this one.

  • Dave talks about his experience recording The Walking Dave podcast, and Johnny’s newfound guilt
  • Dave breaks out of his shell and talks to a neighbor, and gains some newfound guilt of his own.
  • Dave’s unfortunate tummy troubles when he’s just walked 20 minutes away from his home.
  • It wasn’t just the pants that were lost… it was the sock too.
  • Kickass Morgan Freeman and angry army guy impressions with Ray Chase.
  • Sean sits to pee. That is all.
  • Ray shares his poop story when he was trapped in the car.
  • Ray Chase’s Playboy job