Using Amazing Settings: SPP #121

Released On: August 27, 2014

This week, the three whitest guys in podcasting chatted about setting in story. How important is it and how can you make your setting awesome? You’ll want to listen to find out.

The guys started out by talking about how amazing the new Fiction Unboxed book is going to be. What started out as stupidly wordy transcripts turned into an awesome follow-up to Write Publish Repeat. The book tells the story of Fiction Unboxed while sowing in lessons every writer needs in their work and life.

After Dave ranted about Linkedin, the guys answered one voicemail question about promoting through KDP select and another about funnels and CTAs. Interestingly, both callers were nonfiction writers, so if you do the nonfiction thing, you should check these out!

Then, they finally go to the main topic: Setting.

Some points that were discussed:

  • How important setting is
  • How setting changes the story
  • How setting can be like a character in of itself
  • What stories/authors handled setting well (or not so well)

Here’s the video version:

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