SSP068 Doing the Work with Jamie Davis

Released On: June 12, 2019

One of our favorite and hardest working author friends is Jamie Davis. Throughout the time we’ve known him, he’s always held true to the work ethic of the 21st century storyteller: write, publish, repeat. And though it took time to make the career a full-time endeavor, Jamie is the model for anyone who’s unsure if their niche storytelling style will ever find an audience.

We Talk About:

Jamie found out he will be a grandfather.

Sean is excited for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood trailer.

Dave is excited about the Deadwood movie.

Dave explains why he thinks the end of GOT sucked.

Jamie’s origin story.

Jamie’s super-secret marketing strategy.

Planning and flexibility.

Jamie’s transition into a full-time author.

Jamie’s success in audiobooks.


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