SSP066 Elements of a Successful Sitcom

Released On: May 29, 2019

When we first began writing adaptations for our novels, we had to learn a whole new set of rules that govern the visual medium. Since then, we’ve also transitioned into creating stories for film and TV out the gate, and that has required building new muscles and skill sets. While the same basics of storytelling apply to film and novels, there are specific conditions that must be met to have a story accepted. June is sitcom pitch season in Hollywood, and we have a sitcom pitch we’re readying for review. Today, we wanted to talk about what goes into making a successful sitcom and what to consider if you’re interested in building a treatment for your sitcom idea.

We Talk About:

Why Dave’s wife can’t leave the house correctly.

Sean is digging Dead To Me (

Johnny’s listening to The Brave New Weed Podcast.

How we remodeled our characters to work for a sitcom.

How we worked to nail the tone.

A difference between American and British sitcoms.

Setups and Payoffs of humor in sitcoms.

The danger in changing the tone of the story.


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