SSP050 Know Your Genre (Part 2)

Released On: February 6, 2019

The genre you write in matters. A lot. It can be the difference between years of frustration and artistic fulfillment. To save you from the anguish of writing the wrong books, we’ve built a system to evaluate if you’re spending your efforts in the right place. Continuing from last week’s episode, Johnny, Sean, and Dave discuss the questions each author must ask themselves when deciding which genre is best for them.

We Talk About:

What kind of scenes do I like to write?

What kind of pacing do I prefer in my storytelling?

How many sensory details do I naturally include?

What types of conflict do I like writing about?

What kind of personality traits do I like writing about?

How can my unique experiences and background as a human being influence the stories I'm going to tell?

Am I a plotter or a pantser?

What kind of protagonist do I like to write about?

What kind of subjects do I want to explore?

The risk you take by writing in the wrong genre.

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