SPP281 Creating an Email List When You’re Just Starting Out

Released On: September 20, 2017

Here at Sterling and Stone, we have our own in-house email ninja: Christine Niles. She understands list building in a way that is accessible to both novice and seasons authors. In this episode, Christine explains how go from Zero-to-List in less than an hour.

  • Christine explains the extent of her work at Sterling & Stone
  • They discuss which popular mailing list providers are available and how to decide which is right for you.
  • Christine identifies and defines four different types of authors based on where they are in their writing journey.
  • Christine explains the options available for setting up the physical location of your business for your mailing list.
  • No one wants to join your mailing list. Christine talks about the importance of giving readers a good damn reason to join your mailing list.
  • Christine discusses the different ways to deliver on your mailing list sign-up promise.
  • Need a roadmap for how to create an autoresponder sequence? Christine has you covered!
  • Christine and Sean tell us exactly the kind of person that you want on your list and who you don’t want on your list.
  • They discuss the best way to give readers a way off of your list when appropriate.
  • We have a few resources on email list building available for you for free at https://sterlingandstone.net/email-essentials/

Something Cool:

  • Dave thanks Xanax. Because without it, this show may just give him an anxiety attack.
  • Sean suggests Handmaiden's Tail as this week’s recommended viewing to pick up some new storytelling tricks.
  • Christine is re-watching Friends and is noticing how it applies to storytelling as detailed in The One With All the Writing Advice (https://sterlingandstone.net/book/one-writing-advice/)

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