SPP278 Military Wife Katie Cross

Released On: August 30, 2017

Katie is an indie author who also happens to be a military wife. She’s married to a Green Beret. Very few people realize what being a military spouse means, and how it affects every facet of your life, including being an indie publisher. Aside from giving up her career as a pediatric nurse, she’s moved multiple times. Indie publishing for her is ideal. It can be for you, too!

  • Katie shares her path to indie publishing and the obstacles she faced before she realized that indie publishing her for her. Oh, and no one told her being married to a Green Beret would ruin her career.
  • Sean hones in on how being a military wife allows her to have a lot of texture and color to her writing. Katie talks about how its affected her stories, and the hindsight she has in processing her own emotions through her characters.
  • Katie talks about her evolution as an indie author – from her initial attempts, through Wattpad, and the first story she wrote that got over 2 million reads. She also talks about the promotion problem with her YA audience.
  • Going wide versus narrow, advertising, and her launches are not traditional. Find out how Katie releases on a ‘wing and a prayer.’
  • Social media is an interesting topic for Green Berets and their families. She talks about some of the rules she had to adhere to in using social media. Dave recommends a decoy FB profile and a decoy child.
  • Katie reveals the ‘real’ personality of a Green Beret. They are portrayed as hard-asses, and she explains how they’re really overgrown children. Overgrown children with SKILLS.
  • Dave and Katie talk about how it’s difficult to write with a husband who’s constantly deployed. And also, how it’s easier.
  • Katie explains what would happen if her husband died on a mission. Every time someone knocks on the door, she gets an upset stomach. But she also is able to find comfort in writing.
  • Want to know what a smoke jumper is? That’s where Katie’s husband is going from the Green Berets.

Something Cool

  • Sean has something NOT cool – Dave’s file structure is terrible. But his REAL something cool is his love/hate relationship with Show Girls. He hates the characters but loves the writing.
  • Dave loves the Game of Thrones. The branding ‘winter is coming’ is so effective.
  • Johnny is super excited with the new Fiction Unboxed