SPP265 Knowing Your Story Core with Lisa Bloom

Released On: May 31, 2017

Everyone has a story. It’s not the chronological story that matters. Today, our guest, Lisa Bloom, digs into what it means to tap into your core story, the empathetic one that matters to others, just like your characters’ stories matter to your readers. The best part? Dave is the guinea pig and Lisa goes to town on his life and pulls out a beautiful story.


  • Think about your pivotal moments or events in life, those that you walked away from changed. They can be big like birth and death, but they can also be small things that change you in a big way. The main criteria is that you felt something.
  • Dave shares a very powerful story about his best friend, how their relationship changed, and what happened with Dave when his friend died.
  • Lisa digs into what makes Dave tick; Johnny and Sean weigh in on what it all means.
  • The guys discuss how Dave’s life bleeds into every story he writes.
  • Lisa points out Dave’s virtues, like compassion, but references his ‘shadow side.’
  • Sean talks about the results of the story core, from quitting high school, meeting his wife, and when he published his first book.
  • Lisa waxes poetic on how the core story can change your life.
  • Johnny steps up to the bat and tells HIS three stories for Lisa to pick apart.
  • Dave and Lisa discuss how knowing your own core story can help you in your day to day life.

Something Cool

Dave is THRILLED about The Leftovers show on HBO even though the book it was based on seemed like a ripoff of Yesterday’s Gone.

  • Sean loves one of the rare shows everyone has been recommending, This Is Us.
  • Johnny shares his last minute love before SAS2017. (Note: it’s already happened.)

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