SPP244 Live Brainstorming: How to Create Great Ideas from Nothing

Released On: January 11, 2017

A lot of writers struggle with ideas. We hear it over and over again. Here’s the problem they have: they focus on coming up with a great idea instead of making an idea GREAT. Want to see this in action? Today, the guys show you the process live, without any preparation. Think it can’t be done? Think again. Great ideas are made.


  • The guys talk about the characters of the story: what types of stories are relatable, what will offer the most excitement, and how to avoid cliché. The discuss and choose one from four different prompts. Librarian?
  • Next they discuss the setting, which they narrow down to Cuba and Buckingham palace.
  • And it’s time for the conflict: finger licking and others… what will they choose? Oh, and Easter eggs are always a consideration. Also, evil warlocks.
  • The guys realize that they need to determine which imprint they’ll write in; it will be different from genre to genre. They discuss the possibilities of Realm and Sands, and Collective Inkwell.
  • The guys discuss the ending to the Realm and Sands ending, staying true to the Imprint: a new step in evolution.
  • Dave shares his Collective Inkwell story about Jess, an unhappily married lesbian who visits a SPECIAL Starbucks where she can visit an alternative universe where she made the RIGHT decision.
  • Dave WON the idea contest. Sean asks for a cigarette.


Once you've brainstormed your ideas and narrowed them down to a great story – you need to make sure your story is bulletproof. No one wants plotholes and unmet expectations in their stories. Use the developmental editor WE use for our stories, and get a StoryJacket today, at https://sterlingandstone.net/storyjacket/.

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