SPP241 The Year in Review

Released On: December 21, 2016

SPP241 The Year in Review


Sterling and Stone has seen some substantial growth, and they’ve also had some ‘bummers.’ Today, the guys discuss what they learned over the course of the year, and they share it with you so you can do or avoid the same.


  • The Smarter Artist Summit: Huge win. Not only did the event go off without any huge issues, the S&S community showed up and was incredible. Outside of the incredible presentations, community members were able to connect and set up some collaborations.
  • Dave actually ENJOYED his trips to Austin, which happened to be a S&S goal from last year.
  • The guys were really bummed about the Indie Fiction Podcast, which underperformed. We’re working on a post-mortem. But it also ties into another big lesson…
  • Dead City underperformed, and it’s because we didn’t market it well at all. The book is great; we just tried to sell it to the wrong audience.
  • We’re finally closing a lot of boxes very soon, including Lesson: don’t start 60 different things at once.
  • We’ve been working to create TV shows, and sold the first script! Don’t be afraid to dream big (and to course correct.)
  • Sean’s excited about learning to write to market along with S&S’s Apprentices.
  • StoryJackets have become a HUGE part of Sterling and Stone’s writing process, and we’re so happy to share that with our fellow writers.
  • Dave addresses what’s holding him back, and how he overcame a lot of blocks. He looked at his patterns, started outlining, and set a schedule. He also learned to ask for help.
  • Sean and Johnny have taken a much closer look at how Sterling and Stone is organized from a management standpoints, and has begun thinking in terms of roles instead of people. Splitting Sean’s and Johnny’s roles has been a huge step forward in responsible decisions and executing them.
  • StoryShop has been a difficult journey, but at the same time, with all the struggles came opportunities we’d never have dreamed of. While we hate not delivering in a timely manner, we know what we DO deliver will be amazing.
  • Finally, Sterling and Stone hosted the first Avalanche, a company retreat where we mapped out the future of S&S. It was an amazing experience! It was ‘beats for the year.’


If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet for the Smarter Artist Summit, get it now. They’re going fast and the price is about to go up.

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