SPP210 Author Hacks with Derek Murphy

Released On: May 18, 2016

Derek started out as an awesome cover designer, and from there, helped his clients sell more books. Now, he’s an author in his own right, and he brings with him some awesome hacks YOU can use to sell more books, too.

  • Something cool: Sean saw the mockup for the new author site for Sterling and Stone; Dave steals Sean’s something cool so Sean makes one up for him; Johnny contemplates getting rid of his desk, so he repurposes it.
  • Possibly the most offensive ad read ever.
  • Derek talks about breaking up novels into many pieces, and the pros and cons of that.
  • Derek has a controversial way to sell more books that includes half novels and only releasing to his list.
  • Sean and Johnny challenge Derek’s theory, but have a hard time arguing with his results.
  • Derek explains what he REALLY means when he says ‘hacks.’
  • Derek talks about some of the things he spends his time helping authors fix when they get desperate.
  • Derek talks about some of the crazy giveaways he’s done to get traffic and generate interest in his books.
  • There are some risks you can take early, and some you should NOT do… Derek explains which of the risks he takes that you should take, too.

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