SPP196 Writing to Your Market Versus Writing to Your Muse

Released On: February 10, 2016


Today is a special episode: Johnny, Sean, and Dave directly respond to a listener question, one that they’ve been asked very often. Do you follow the market, or do you follow your muse?

Also, the guys have a big announcement today that involves the 200th episode of SPP and giveaways!

  • The guys announce a very special episode 200 of the Self Publishing Podcast! There will be giveaways and more!
  • Something cool: Dave did a movie review of The Boy – he loves this horror movie but no one else does; Sean loves John Wick and loved it, but Dave disagrees because it breaks his ‘rule’ about pets; Dave shares a sick, disturbing, post-apocalyptic cool thing; Johnny finally saw The Force Awakens.
  • Today the guys address a listener question concerning writing for your market or following your muse and writing what your heart tells you.
  • Seans talks about Invasion and how it’s a commercial, market-centric book, and how the tone is shifting more toward their hearts. He contrasts that with The Beam.
  • Johnny talks about being in tune with your audience versus writing for a market only.
  • The guys announce (for the second time) the name of their NEW SERIES!
  • Sean talks about whether the new series is commercial/market focused, or if they followed their muse.
  • Sean gives his universal rule, no matter what your story is.
  • Writing what you don’t love, don’t understand, don’t know, is NEVER a good idea. Sometimes following your muse can forge a new path.
  • Johnny gives his opinion of once your inside the story – do you write what the market wants, or do you let your character and narrative develop? Easy answer…
  • Dave talks about certain genres that have rules you CAN’T break, and you have to write to your market.
  • Writing something amazing, even if it’s outside a genre, is always better than churning out luke-warm, market determined stories.
  • You DO have to make some money to fund your art, so the guys explain their strategy when it comes to market versus muse.

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