Indie Breakouts with ABNA Grand Prize Winner Rysa Walker (SPP #124)

Released On: September 17, 2014

This week the guys talked to Rysa (with a Y) Walker about self publishing, YA, and time travel. Loads of good stuff here!

Sean and Dave were celebrating the completion of Yesterday's Gone Season 5 at the start of the episode. If you're a YG fan, you'll be happy to know that's coming out very soon. The guys seem very proud of the story, so you'll certainly enjoy it.

Johnny, on a different note, is actually considering using 99 designs to help him design a tattoo. How cool is that? Weigh in with a comment if you support that idea.

Finally, when Rysa got on, she talked about self publishing and working with Amazon to publish. She also talked about what kind of language should and shouldn't go into YA. There was also some fun time-travel talk, which can't help but be totally amusing.

Give this show a listen and you'll quickly see why Rysa is destined to be an instant favorite SPP guest!

Here’s the video version:

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