Audiobook launching with David H. Lawrence XVII (Self Publishing Podcast #151)

Released On: April 4, 2015

The audiobook market is unquestionably becoming more and more a thing, and indie authors would have to be totally bird-brained to not be interested in turning their written words into bundles of audio goodness.

This week, the guys had audio-book legend David H. Lawrence XVII (and don’t forget the XVII!!) back on to talk about how to choose the best narrator, what to pay them, and how to work with them to make an audio masterpiece you can be proud of (and that will sell).

Definitely a must-listen! And, if you want more advice from David, head on over to and get even more audio-book-related advice.

Oh, and here’s the audio clip from Buck Books that Johnny mentioned. This is some important stuff about how you can promote an audiobooks with those amazing guys! (For the audio clip, go to: )

This week, we get yet another view into the dark and twisted mind if David Wright.

Even when the guys start the show with absolutely nothing to talk about, they quickly find something entertaining to wallow in for half an hour or so. This week, you might be able to guess what this show is all about by checking out the evolution of the show’s titles-in-progress:

  • Dave Explains Marriage
  • Dave Explains Life
  • The DaVEinci Code


Here’s the video version: