How to Crack the Romance Market (with Mimi Strong): SPP #117

Released On: July 30, 2014


This week we had Mimi Strong on the show, and boy was she a fantastic guest. She’s found success in more than a couple of genres (which is why she calls herself a Genre Hobo) and she shared some of her secrets with us on the air. Whoever thought this show was too blokish should absolutely give this episode a listen!

Sterling and Stone’s Live!

First, we talked a bit about how awesome and massive this site is. Sterling and Stone is quickly becoming the best author site on the web, and it’ll only get better with time.

Kindle Unlimited

A lot of listeners have requested that we talk about Kindle Unlimited, so we did for a few minutes. The consensus was luke-warm at best.

On one hand, Unlimited is another marketing opportunity for authors, but it only applies to those in KDP Select. So, maybe, it could be worth it to put a new book through Select first before releasing wide.

On the other hand, as Johnny so frankly pointed out, exclusivity is a remarkably bad idea. Johnny likes to compare KDP Select to the abusive boyfriend that keeps begging you to come back, only to beat you again.

Mimi Strong Smacks the Blokes Around

Mimi Strong publishes in several genres under several pennames. Her strong opinions sometimes clashed with what we normally say on the show, giving a fresh debate to SPP.

Mimi put out a convincing argument about publishing under different names. She also shrugged off categories, saying indie authors pay way more attention to them than readers do.

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