BOU # 112 – Habits Expert Steve Scott Tries to Fix Dave

Released On: January 17, 2015

It’s always fun when the guest for BOU doesn’t even watch/listen to the show, as was the case with habits and self-publishing expert Steve Scott. Did Steve really know what he was getting into when he stayed on for Better Off Undead? Maybe or maybe not, but either way, he sure was brave for doing it.

This week’s episode quickly jumped to a recurring BOU topic we’ve all come to know and love: what the heck is wrong with Dave? From his sleeping habits to his morning routine to his occasional attempts at walking every day, Dave has tried long and hard to set up some good habits for his health and happiness.

But can Steve Scott fix Dave, making him happier and forever ruining the guilty pleasure of his ranting on the show? You’ll have to listen in to fine out!

Here’s the video version: