Better Off Undead #126 – Dave in Daytime

Released On: May 9, 2015

Like a bear dragged out in the open during his hibernation, Dave is extra frustrated with life right now because, you guessed it, he’s again trying to keep to a day schedule. However, even though that’s the reason behind the name of this episode, it wasn’t really the most interesting thing that happened this week.

Now, Garrett Robinson deciding he can’t finish reading 12 because it’s too dark/depressing/Davish… THAT is totally something worth listening for! This week find out:

  • What Garrett said about 12
  • What Dave things of Garrett
  • If any CI title will ever end with hope
  • What book inspired Yesterday’s Gone
  • How Johnny feels about home schooling his kids
  • And so much more!

Here’s the video version: