Better Off Undead #116 – Let's Get Germophobic

Released On: February 21, 2015

The discussion this week started about Valentine’s Day. As we could have guessed, Dave was ranty about having to buy his wife flowers, paying all the extra fees to get them delivered on the 14th. What we might not have guessed is what Sean got his wife for the holiday. You’ll have to watch/listen to the show to find out what it is!

Then the Dave and Johnny took turns telling germophobe stories; Johnny’s was about him and his family going to a water park, Johnny imagining how Dave would react to everything there; Dave’s was about an hourglass he got at McDonald’s to make sure his food came quickly in the drive-thru, Dave wondering how many people had touched that same hourglass before him (and where else they might have put it).

To see the video from Caption Generator that the guys were watching at the beginning of the show, go here:

Here’s the video version: