BS02 The Beam Season 3 Extras

Released On: October 23, 2015

While this episode is primarily about season three, it’s also about the entire series of The Beam. Sean and Johnny talk about some of what they experienced during writing it, where the ideas came from, and hints of what’s in store.

  • Where the story originated.
  • One of the guys was hesitant to choose this as their next project – and given Dave’s not here, can you guess who?
  • The argument over ‘pretentious’ text and asterisks.
  • Johnny gives a tour of The Beam world.
  • What process the guys used to collaborate that kept the ending of the season a mystery.
  • Sean explains the times they wrote themselves into corners, and how they managed to write their way out of them.
  • Johnny divulges his naming deficiency.
  • How a voice over talent influenced the disappearance and reappearance of a character.
  • The ‘dick’ Easter egg.