8Q39 Horror Author Zach Bohannon

Released On: June 28, 2016

David Wright sits down with horror author Zach Bohannon of the Horror Writer’s Podcast, and talks about his creative habits, obstacles to writing, and the difficulty of finding time to write when you have a full-time job.

  1. What is your creative routine like?
  2. What are some of your favorite creative tools?
  3. What are some of the biggest obstacles you face and how do you overcome them?
  4. What makes up your daily creative diet?
  5. You do the Horror Writer’s Podcast; how does that affect your work?
  6. Is there anything you specifically would like to do in writing that you haven’t done yet?
  7. If you could go back in time to before you started writing, what piece of advice would you give yourself that may have made things go better, quicker?
  8. What do you want your legacy to be?