8Q34 Performance Coach Victoria Labalme

Released On: May 24, 2016

Victoria is a performance artist and coach who has worked with Microsoft, PayPal, and entrepreneur clients across the globe. Today, she sits down with Sean to share her view of the world, namely that communication is art.

  1. What is the number one mistake people make in day-to-day communication?
  2. What are the biggest mistakes you see creative entrepreneurs make in communication?
  3. What’s the best creative advice you’ve ever been given?
  4. You work on a lot of different stuff; what’s your process for deciding what to do next?
  5. If you could have one do-over, what would it be?
  6. You’re in the Speaker Hall of Fame; do you still feel nervous when you take the stage?
  7. Communication is very different than it was even five years ago; what is the future of communication?
  8. What do you want your legacy to be?