07 Casting Your Characters

Released On: September 16, 2015

Episode Seven: Casting Your Character

Casting a characters is a sort of ‘short hand’ for understanding your character. It’s a starting point upon which you can build, and it’s especially helpful in collaborating with co-writers.

  • Johnny, Sean, and Dave discuss how they first started using casting, and how it’s evolved.
  • They really had to make the casting process efficient, and rely on it heavily, as some of their books’ cast swelled to a hundred characters.
  • While it’s tempting to pick an actor to cast, you actually need to choose a single role they played. It helps with personality.
  • While you CAN cast people from your own life, beware. As with actors, people you know didn’t ask to be in your book. So be respectful.
  • Next time, the guys talk about setting.

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