06 Creating Memorable Characters

Released On: September 16, 2015

Episode Six: Creating Memorable Characters

It’s imperative that you create memorable characters so that your readers will for a connection with them, and be more invested in their success. It will also ensure that the stakes of the book are truly important.

  • Johnny, Sean, and Dave talk about what THEY think makes a memorable character.
  • They discuss some of their favorite characters in fiction/movies/pop culture, and what makes them great.
  • They talk about the techniques they use to make their characters come to life.
  • What is character DNA? Sean uses a series of questions, as if he were interviewing them, to help them feel authentic and memorable.
  • The longer you write a character, them more they seem to come to life. In fact, a strong character will help you know what to write.
  • Next time, the guys discuss a really cool trick they use to get a head start on memorable characters – by casting them.

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