05 Research for Writing

Released On: September 16, 2015

Episode Five: Research

Research is something everyone needs to do if they’re going to write a believable story. Different genres require different and varying amounts of research, and it’s as easy to get mired in it as it is to do it inadequately.

  • Unicorn Western was one of those stories where research became less important, even though it was a western.
  • Research can be a lot of fun – as writers, we love to gather bits of information.
  • Books like The Beam, Dead City, Robot Proletariat actually have a TON of research backing them up, but the most important thing in every one of them was to get the story down.
  • Getting lost in research is something you need to guard against; it can take the place of actual writing.
  • Just because you discovered something while researching, doesn’t mean you need to use it. You have to know what’s important to your story.
  • Next time, the guys discuss creating memorable characters.

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