04 Figuring Out Your Plot

Released On: September 16, 2015

Episode Four: Figuring Out Your Plot

There’s a big difference between character based and plot based stories, and that distinction doesn’t really matter for the guys’ work. The reason? All their work is very character based, regardless of the plot.

    •  The guys talk about the different story structures you can use in planning your plot.
    •  Everyone is influenced by the world around them, and the guys discuss some of their influences.
    •  Thinking about plot is a must, but overthinking it will stop you in your tracks. Johnny, Sean, and Dave talk about what you need to accomplish in terms of your hero to keep your readers turning pages.
    • Genre plays a big role in plot, and they talk about how the conventions will be different depending on the story you want to tell.

Next time, the guys talk about research.

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