03 Sorting Through Your Ideas

Released On: September 16, 2015

Episode Three: Sorting Through Your Idea

Writers have too many ideas. It’s hard to know which ones to use, and even how to sort through them and make that decision. There are several techniques the guys use to help them manage, sort, and select their own ideas.

  • Johnny, Sean, and Dave each have their own ways of dealing with, and sorting through ideas, like notebooks, Asana, and various apps.
  • Idea overwhelm is a thing that plagues many writers, and the guys are no different. They share the ways they deal with it.
  • A great story isn’t just about what you include, but also what you DON’T include.
  • The guys share their techniques of organizing initial ideas with character, setting, and plot, plus all those one-off ideas that spring up as they plan.
  • Next time, the guys will discuss figuring out your plot.

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